Invigilate THIS!

This weekend, I took (and – knock on wood – probably passed) my first two proper exams as an Oxford student.  Oxford exams are more than just tests, though; they’re an experience – and to be prepared, you definitely have to do more than just study. First up, there’s the attire.  At some point, Cambridge… Continue reading Invigilate THIS!

Grey Britain

In the depths of winter—when it was dark by 3:45 p.m., and had drizzled for three months straight—a few friends assured me that the weather in English spring would be fantastic.  I was skeptical, since typically here “fantastic” weather usually means “you can sort of see the sun through the clouds and it’s not raining… Continue reading Grey Britain

Ordinary Men

I forced myself to sit through the recently released–contrary to the wishes of the Pentagon–video of a U.S. helicopter gunning down a handful of Iraqi civilians in 2007.  It’s pretty gruesome and disturbing (“Ha ha I hit him,” “Look at those dead bastards,” “Well, it’s their fault for bringing kids to a battle [in reference… Continue reading Ordinary Men