The evolution of “awkward prom”

First it was just me being dumb:

Houseparties 2007

… and then it evolved.

Houseparties 2008
Houseparties 2009

Since there was no way I would share pictures of me in a cummerbund unless I looked real stupid:

Keble Ball 2010

I like that we’ve managed to have the exact same facial expression for four years running.

2 thoughts on “The evolution of “awkward prom”

  1. hahhaha also, your 2007 ‘hawk looks phallic. Definitely boner-time. And it’s interesting that the ’09 picture is solo; in ’08, in the middle of a crowd, in ’07, there were like 10 of us there taking turns. And in England? Who knows. Least it wasn’t raining 🙂

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