Okay, let’s get overly dramatic for a moment.  It occurs to me that a truly infintesimal proportion of interactions in admissions end positively. First we, the potential students, send off applications.  Most of the schools I’ve talked to receive several hundred applications, and send off around a dozen acceptances.  Sometime in February, Professors sit down… Continue reading Rejections

There are times when deciding where to go to grad school feels very weighty.  A certain part of me is convinced that—despite being faced by a choice of four prestigious schools with great faculty and generous funding packages—I could really fuck this up.  After all, if I don’t go to the right school, I won’t… Continue reading

Part II: Michigan

Shortly before I left on my cross-country grad-school adventure, I presented a paper at my very first academic conference.  Sheffield, where the conference was located, is best known as the location of The Full Monty and as an all-around paragon of a bombed-out post-industrial city, but also has a well-respected university with a strong development… Continue reading Part II: Michigan

Part I: Berkeley

There are few places where I will walk around without listening to my iPod.  As an undergraduate, even a trip down the hall to the bathroom seemed like a waste of time without earbuds.  Even at Oxford, surrounded by spectacular gothic architecture and ever-entertaining undergraduates in fancy dress, my head is still usually engrossed in… Continue reading Part I: Berkeley