Outfitting My Room: Bargain Shopping for Anti-Consumerists

The story of the last two months has been one of finding places for things.  It started when I began packing to leave Oxford, attempting to cajole my worldly possessions into fitting in two duffel bags.  Looking into the closets and storage spaces of my college-owned graduate house, I realized that many international students had… Continue reading Outfitting My Room: Bargain Shopping for Anti-Consumerists

De(T)ox the Punx

Two days ago, my parents and I loaded up the family Toyota.  Together with a book-on-tape and my Mom’s heavily-Bruce-Springsteen-centric CD collection, we embarked on a road trip through the desolation of Middle America.  Our destination was a new university, where in just a week I will start the Next Big Phase of my life,… Continue reading De(T)ox the Punx


It’s mid-summer cleaning time.  As I pack myself up for a very permanent-feeling move to California, I’m purging myself of old books and clothes and knickknacks and CDs, hopelessly attempting to maintain the myth that I still maintain the student ideal of a life that fits into two duffel bags.  Cleaning has taken a digital… Continue reading Anglophile