I am a graduate student in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, interested in the comparative politics of mental health and the trajectories of people with severe mental illnesses inĀ France and the United States.

Book CoverI’ve previously worked on social movements against food waste (as an undergraduate at Princeton University) and the local political of climate change in Ecuador (as a graduate student at Oxford University). My book “Freegans: Diving into the Wealth of Food Waste in America” is now available from University of Minnesota Press.

Some of my less pretentious interests include running, vegan cooking, and listening to poorly recorded punk rock from the 1980s.


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey! I heard you today on kpfa. I turned up the volume! I’m an organizer over in San Anselmo and I work all over Marin County taking perfect items to the Salvation Army just because someone is tired of them. I spend a great deal of time thinking about capitalism and our “need” to buy crap we don’t really have use for. I can see something on the horizon – pulling back the reigns of purchasing. I see people rethinking what and why they are buying. I’m obsessed with garbage and “waste”. It was exciting to hear your comments. Looking forward to reading your book. Thank you!!

    1. Constantly being challenged to reconsider my preconceptions about what counts as living ethically and what kind of political action is effective and meaningful.

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