Peer Reviewed Publications

Working Papers on Psychiatry, Mental Health, and the State

  • “Courting Compliance and Consent: the Judicial Management of Madness in Paris and New York City.” Under Review.
  • “Ration and Rationalize: Allocating Psychiatric Care in France and the United States.” Working Paper.
  • “Coerce to Conserve? Paradoxes of Public-Private Power in California’s Continuum of Constraint.” Working Paper.

Other Publications and Working Papers

  • (with Marie Mourad) “From Dumpster Dives to Disco Vibes: The Shifting Shape of Food Waste Activism” (Chapter in The Routledge Handbook of Food Waste)
  • Review of Andrew Scull’s Madness in Civilization (European Journal of Sociology)
  • (with Marie Mourad) “Don’t Waste the Waste: Dumpster Dinners among Garbage Gourmands.” (Chapter in The Practice of the Meal). 
  • Demanding the Land at a Public University (Chapter published in “Grabbing Back: Essays Against the Global Land Grab”)
  • EcoPopulism in the Ecuadorian Amazon (Paper based on We Are the Lungs of the World, masters thesis at Oxford)

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