Outfitting My Room: Bargain Shopping for Anti-Consumerists

The story of the last two months has been one of finding places for things.  It started when I began packing to leave Oxford, attempting to cajole my worldly possessions into fitting in two duffel bags.  Looking into the closets and storage spaces of my college-owned graduate house, I realized that many international students had… Continue reading Outfitting My Room: Bargain Shopping for Anti-Consumerists

Smile! At least you’re poor!

So, here are some research findings with interesting implications for contemporary policy debates in the U.S.: Kenyans—despite living in a country with nine times the infant mortality rate of the United States and living twenty-two fewer years—report being as satisfied with their health care system as Americans are. Afghanis, for their part, are part of… Continue reading Smile! At least you’re poor!

Piece of Crap

Here is a short list of things in Uganda which suck: Bread. Cardboard boxes. Pens. Ketchup. It’s not complete. There are a lot of things here that suck, actually. The fact that children here die of easily preventable diseases, for example, sucks. The predicament of adults who planted coffee because some Mzungu researcher told them… Continue reading Piece of Crap