The Normal One

A few weeks ago, I spilled my coffee at the breakfast table three days in a row. Someone suggested that maybe I was guzzling too much caffeine, and I replied that, no, I’ve been on an unhealthy-grad-student level of coffee consumption for some time. Curious, though, I went off for a few days, but it… Continue reading The Normal One

There are times when deciding where to go to grad school feels very weighty.  A certain part of me is convinced that—despite being faced by a choice of four prestigious schools with great faculty and generous funding packages—I could really fuck this up.  After all, if I don’t go to the right school, I won’t… Continue reading

Oral History

My grandpa is out in the garage.  He’s been standing-up for the last four hours, while he refinishes a bench with a power-sander.  I suppose this is not that exceptional, except that he is ninety years old, and—despite having flown half-way across the country unassisted to come visit us—has decided to spend his vacation doing… Continue reading Oral History