Although I haven’t quite crested the New York Times bestseller’s list, I’ve been quite pleased to have been contacted by a few outlets to talk about my new book: What’s in the Dumpster (Tiny Spark) How to Fix All That Food Waste (Good Magazine) Freeganism: Food Waste’s First Wave (The New Food Economy) Freegans… Continue reading Fame


Should a book on freegans—that is to say, people who try to live for “free” in the present through appropriating capitalism’s waste, while trying to build a future in which the things people need are provided for “free” through a gift economy—be free? This is a purely academic question. My “book” on freegans—I’m going to… Continue reading Free

Fool Me Twice

I had only been going into New York to hang out with freegan.info for a month when I featured in my first media story. A Dutch journalist was quite taken with the incongruity of a Princeton University student going through the garbage, and despite my protestations that there were way more knowledgeable people in the… Continue reading Fool Me Twice

Let Them Eat Cake

Baked goods have a somewhat legendary status among dumpster divers.  In the anarchist travelogue Evasion, the author shoplifts and hitch-hikes his way across middle America subsisting almost entirely off of bagels.  On freegan.info trash tours, we rarely could resist the temptation to stop at Dunkin Donuts—even though most of us were vegan and we generally… Continue reading Let Them Eat Cake