Uttaradit –> Nan

Our adventures in public transit brought us to Uttaradit, a town somewhere between Bangkok and Nan (but definitely not our intended destination).  At 8:00 a.m., in a moment made especially surreal by sleep deprivation (caused by an unhelpful combination of all-night karaoke “entertainment” and overused air-conditioning), the entire station ground to a sudden halt.  All… Continue reading Uttaradit –> Nan

Chiang Mai

12 – 31 – 09 Ah, this I missed.  In Uganda, boda-boda motorcycle drivers were a constant source of amusement, providing opportunities to hone my communication-through-hand-gesture skills and affording me an opportunity to see new places I had never intended on visiting.  In Thailand, cheap transport is via songthaew (a truck with benches in the… Continue reading Chiang Mai