There are a million things that can go wrong with field research, a million variables that could be carefully controlled in a lab.

Today pretty much set a record for things going wrong, though. Our Mutatu broke down in the middle of nowhere during a “shortcut” we took on a barely-existing road (a situation fixed when our driver – with surgical precision – ripped a huge piece of metal from the bottom of the car and left it by the side of the road. Most of the farmers we were supposed to survey showed up three hours late (it rained the night before, so they had to plant). After a day in the sun without eating, I had bad enough heat stroke that I passed out for hours (meaning I have hours of work left for the morning – and don’t even get me started on my spider bites).

On the other hand, I saw a pack of wild monkeys sitting in a tree. Chalk today up as a “win.”

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