Re-Ox the Punx?

Hello world!  I could explain my recent failure to update this blog as the product of grad-school applications and thesis-transcriptions, but a more honest explanation is that I have simply been loving life too much to write about it.  I’d like to think my life is still interesting enough to merit a bit of documenting: I compose blog posts all the time – on long runs along the Thames, walking to the boathouse, wandering between libraries – but never seem to have time to commit them to (electronic) paper.

While the future of this blog is somewhat in limbo, I am uploading some content in the hopes that this site might someday be a launching pad for my academic career (guess I’ll have to take down that post about the Tea Party).  I’ve posted a preliminary version of my article on freeganism – “Waving the Banana at Capitalism” – which will be published by Ethnography in the upcoming year.  For copyright reasons (???) I can only provide the version from before peer review, so look at it as just a teaser of the real thing!

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