This is why I am stressed…

Both sitting in my inbox at the moment:


Dear Alexander Barnard,


Congratulations! It is our privilege to notify you that you are being offered admission to the Ph.D. Program in Sociology at the University of Michigan. Your offer of admission comes with a five year funding package, the details of which will follow early next week via email.


Again, we would like to offer our hearty congratulations! We are all big fans of Michigan, and hope to convince you to join us!

Very best regards,

University of Michigan

Department of Sociology

– – – – – –

Dear Alexander,

Our departmental Admissions Committee has completed its
evaluations of the applicants for admissions for Fall 2011.  I truly
regret to inform you that we are not able to offer you admission.  The
number of applicants greatly exceeded the number of spaces
available, and we were thus unable to accept many well-qualified
applicants such as yourself.

We thank you very much for applying.  Please also know that we
wish you the very best in pursuing your graduate studies and in your
subsequent career.


University of Michigan

Department of Sociology

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