Cold Calling

The dirty secret of my budding* career in the social sciences is that talking to people kind of scares me.  It’s a bit difficult to explain why: having spent three years Mohawk-ed in one of the country’s more conservative institutions, I can’t say that I’m too obsessed with what people think of me.  Still, though,… Continue reading Cold Calling

Monkey TV

It’s been raining non-stop since I returned to Coca from Quito twelve hours ago.  While it’s fair to say this is not particularly out of the ordinary in the rainforest, for me it’s fairly debilitating.  The pounding of heavy droplets on corrugated metal means that I can neither understand anyone nor do any transcription.  The… Continue reading Monkey TV


This weekend the train of bread crumbs that took me to Coca ran out, and I faced two days in the city with no one to interview and no meetings to attend.  I wasted Saturday watching monkeys.   On Sunday a friend who I made by phenomenally random chance at the Francisco de Orellana Anniversary-of-the-Merger-of-Two-Provicial-Directorates Fiesta… Continue reading Trust