On a lighter note…

It occurred to me that my last three posts have been about, respectively, animal slaughter and alcoholism, ethnocide, and beggars.  I will now attempt to share some less depressing anecdotes.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Manuela Ima, the President of the Huaorani Women’s Association.  We met up in my hotel, which happens to have a few dopey-looking statues of Huaoranis in the garden.  Manuela did not seem to be offended; in fact, she thought they were hilarious, and insisted that I take her picture with some of her “brothers.”  We then went back to her store and had a photo shoot with some spears, so that I could show my friends how fierce the Huaorani are.

Manuela: Warrior Princess.

As usual, the mammals stole the show at the Pompeya meat market.  But what about these giant maggots that were on sale?  They’re biodiversity too!  As I found out this weekend, they wind up on skewers and sold in the Sunday Kichwa market in Coca.  At least this summer, they aren’t living inside me.


Oh, and here’s a picture of a monkey about to eat a cigarette.

Band grossest member candidate 2011?

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