Monkey TV

It’s been raining non-stop since I returned to Coca from Quito twelve hours ago.  While it’s fair to say this is not particularly out of the ordinary in the rainforest, for me it’s fairly debilitating.  The pounding of heavy droplets on corrugated metal means that I can neither understand anyone nor do any transcription.  The… Continue reading Monkey TV

Eights 2010

And now, for your reading my writing pleasure, my in-depth coverage of Summer Eights Rowing Regatta, a.k.a. the second best thing to Princeton reunions.  Check back for regular updates of interest to literally no one!  And just because I think it’s sort of how real blogs do it when they cover things of actual import,… Continue reading Eights 2010

Boxed In

It’s gorgeous out.  Not the “the-sky-is-only-85%-covered-in-clouds-today-and-it-hasn’t-rained-in-an-hour” weather that usually passes for gorgeous in England, but legitimately, fantastically, gorgeous .  Which is why I am extremely bitter to have spent all weekend inside a library*, and am writing this incredibly boring post about… libraries! I never got the sense that Princeton had much of a library… Continue reading Boxed In