Spring Has Sprung!

In celebration of finishing exams, a few development studies students set out to find the least productive way to spend an afternoon.

We found this paragon of procrastination.

It is called cricket.

Don't tire yourself out.

I freely admit that I do not know enough about cricket to appreciate its nuances, which I’m sure are fascinating.  I also know that plenty of people here think that American baseball and football are mind-numbingly boring. That said, I’m skeptical of any sport that can be played while wearing a white khaki suit and panama hat.  I mean, the sport was invented by colonialists who had nothing to do: it is, in short, intended to be a spectacular waste of time.

What really got me, though, was the guy who was smoking and reading the newspaper while ostensibly also playing in the outfield.  At various points, players would stop paying attention to the game and do a few push-ups; I think if you didn’t, and you played cricket all the time, you’d get out of shape.  (I think I’m also bitter because my classmates who were playing in the match didn’t seem very appreciative of me shouting “Hit a homer!” at the top of my lungs when they were batting.  I guess it really is a “Gentleman’s Game.”)

Magdalen Tower

In all seriousness, though, spring in Oxford is fantastic.  Our workload hasn’t really changed, but our approach to it definitely has.  The terms here are so short, and good weather is so rare, that the opportunity cost of a moment spent inside at this point feels almost too high to bear.  I’ve been gardening, rowing, running, wandering – pretty much anything but working on my thesis.  This morning, to celebrate May Day, we woke up at 5:15 a.m. and trundled down to Magdalen Bridge, where the college choir sung madrigal hymns from the tower.

I was about to write that things couldn’t get much better, but it occurs to me that they most definitely can – and will – when Jackie’s flight arrives this evening!

– – – – –

Jukebox: The Lawrence Arms – Quincentuple Your Money

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