Cold Calling

The dirty secret of my budding* career in the social sciences is that talking to people kind of scares me.  It’s a bit difficult to explain why: having spent three years Mohawk-ed in one of the country’s more conservative institutions, I can’t say that I’m too obsessed with what people think of me.  Still, though,… Continue reading Cold Calling

Twenty Three

Somewhat against my better judgment, I turned twenty-three yesterday. Anyone who reads this regularly knows that I’ve been going through a bit of existential angst about where my life is heading lately.  Yesterday was a nice switch, a chance to take a step back and think about where, in the last year, I’ve been.  As… Continue reading Twenty Three

The Race

There are so many things to be stressing about on a Saturday morning: ever-nearing deadlines for assessed essays, upcoming meetings with my thesis advisor (still without a topic), and looming qualification exams.  And, for all that, I’ve spent all morning with my mind fixed on five minutes I will spend on the Isis this afternoon,… Continue reading The Race