(N)ever Again

This post comes a week late.  On January 27th, 1945, Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by allied forces.  Tonight, Oxford’s Chabad House held a commemorative event for the 65th anniversary.  Before I can return to my (now much less important-seeming) work, there are some thoughts I simply have to put to paper (but, if you want to… Continue reading (N)ever Again


Every January, I draw up a wildly optimistic set of goals for the New Year.  I gave up on New Years resolutions a long time ago; at this point, I just come up with a long list of tasks to which I can apply myself.  Two weeks into my second term at Oxford, I’m already… Continue reading Lists

Grad Student

Graduate students are all really smart.  Everything graduate students write is of publishable quality.  Graduate students don’t bathe frequently, but only because they are busy writing brilliant dissertations.  Graduate students can read volumes in a day and quickly grasp complicated theories.  When they speak in class, what they say is profound. Graduate students don’t have… Continue reading Grad Student