New Normal

Unsurprisingly, England still feels really new to me. Somehow, I don’t quite fit in as a local after forty-eight hours (Okay, that’s letting myself off easy – somehow the English know I’m an American from 20 feet away – something to do with the loudness of my voice). I’m still in awe of how old… Continue reading New Normal

LSAT, Redux

Tonight is Worcester College, Oxford’s first pub night.  All the new graduates will gather around the buttery and partake of some low-price English ale.  Sounds like a good chance to meet people and make new friends. I will not be in attendance.  Instead, I will be leading a group of Princeton undergraduates in some illicit… Continue reading LSAT, Redux


I’ve spent my week in Princeton oscillating between having a smile plastered on my face and fighting an irrepressible melancholy. On balance, I must concede it’s pretty fabulous to be here: each day has consisted of bouncing from lunch dates with good friends to band rehearsals attended with good friends and late-night study parties composed… Continue reading Legacy

Going back

Hey sports fans.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but it would seem that my life is decidedly less interesting when I’m no longer in mind-blowingly messed-up third world countries.  Looking over my old journal and the blog I kept in high school, I’ve realized that I used to share practically everything with the… Continue reading Going back