Eights 2010

And now, for your reading my writing pleasure, my in-depth coverage of Summer Eights Rowing Regatta, a.k.a. the second best thing to Princeton reunions.  Check back for regular updates of interest to literally no one!  And just because I think it’s sort of how real blogs do it when they cover things of actual import,… Continue reading Eights 2010

Boxed In

It’s gorgeous out.  Not the “the-sky-is-only-85%-covered-in-clouds-today-and-it-hasn’t-rained-in-an-hour” weather that usually passes for gorgeous in England, but legitimately, fantastically, gorgeous .  Which is why I am extremely bitter to have spent all weekend inside a library*, and am writing this incredibly boring post about… libraries! I never got the sense that Princeton had much of a library… Continue reading Boxed In

Invigilate THIS!

This weekend, I took (and – knock on wood – probably passed) my first two proper exams as an Oxford student.  Oxford exams are more than just tests, though; they’re an experience – and to be prepared, you definitely have to do more than just study. First up, there’s the attire.  At some point, Cambridge… Continue reading Invigilate THIS!

Victory Lap

The borderline-miserable experience of Hilary Term ended yesterday morning at 9:30 a.m., with an overly complicated eight-step process for turning in our only graded assignment of the term.  Technically, I had until noon, but having spent eight weeks on a single essay, I was ready to be free of it.  Instead – in true Princeton… Continue reading Victory Lap